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Individual coaching methods for quickly measurable and sustainable success

Individual and sustainable

From children to young adults

There is tutoring and there is also psychotherapy - but in between there is an effective way of sustainable and individual support to help healthy children and young people to develop their potential, to master their difficulties and to come out of it stronger - without that feeling "there is something wrong with me!"

My target group are healthy children, school-age adolescents and young adults who withdraw for a variety of reasons (ie insecurity, fear, lack of drive, intimidation, etc.) and do not reach their potential.

In individual coaching and group training, I offer support with all these difficulties or blockages in school and everyday life and show them how they can prepare themselves for future challenges.

Individual coaching, individual development of potential

  • Individual lessons of 5-6 hours (60 min each)

  • Free information session parents, child / young people & coach

  • The first two hours to explore, to build a relationship of trust, explanation of the procedure and joint agreement on coaching goals and first methods

  • 3rd - 5th or 6th lesson (weekly rhythm):            Application of the coaching methods on the basis of mutual agreement, the coaching progress and the individual needs of the coachee

  • Focus: removing blockages, mental training, recognizing and activating your own resources and developing individual potential

  • Joint final discussion involving the parents

einzelcoaching - individuelle potenzialentfaltung
potentialentfaltung in gruppen

Development of potential in groups

Problems can also be tackled in groups and social behavior, self-reflection and self-confidence as well as learning and motivational techniques can be learned and anchored


Potential training ​

  • Free information session

  • Group size: approx. 8 - 12 children / young people

  • Age: from school age

  • Duration: min. 12 weeks, also long-term training recommended.

  • Frequency: 1 x per week (60 min each)

  • Focus: accompany, promote and support. Just as we usually go to sports, here we go to sports for the brain. It is fun, promotes social behavior and self-confidence and is unique and very effective because of the methods.

  • Training in homogeneous small groups

  • Joint graduation date including parents​​

Learning coaching

  • Free information session

  • Group size: approx. 8 - 10 children / young people 

  • Age: from school age

  • Duration: 8 weeks, frequency: 1 x per week (60 min each)

  • Focus: Learn faster and easier. 8-week plan with elaborated content including instructions for implementation, including a learning type test, memory training; learning techniques from professionals and new methods to increase learning motivation

  • Joint graduation date including parents​​

Reflex integration training in groups

  • Free initial consultation to get to know each other (parents, child, coach)

  • Group coaching of 8 hours (60 min each)

  • Age: from 5 years

  • Duration: between 6-12 months, frequency: 1 x per month

  • Questionnaire for parents to assess the child

  • Focus: Reflexes are checked for their activity and integrated with a combination of active and passive movements and simultaneous stimulation

  • Between the meetings, simple exercises are to be done daily at home (10-15 minutes of time, parents with their child)

  • The home exercises are very important and essential to the success of the program. Parental support is required.

reflexintegrationstraining in gruppen

IPE - Integrative development of potential

IPE (Institute for Potential Development) has stood for scientifically sound, interlinked and effective methods for over 15 years.

They are based on the latest neuroscientific, psychological and physiological findings as well as extensive experience from years of working with children and young people. This is how children and young people get out of their blockages, find inner satisfaction and motivation. They learn to learn easily, to keep what they have learned permanently and thereby achieve motivation and drive for their lives!

IPE developer Daniel Paasch has already trained over 4,000 coaches and thus reached several 100,000 children and young people who are enthusiastic and convinced of the effects of coaching.


The methods and techniques have a profound effect and are therefore highly effective. They lead to fast and lasting solutions and enable sustainable help for self-help.

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