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Child and youth coaching in Waiblingen - for a happy,         self-determined life

Ein Mädchen und ein Junge

​Support your child in 

  • Releasing emotional blockages

  • Developing their potential

  • Conquering self-doubt

  • Anchoring strengths

  • Learning much easier

  • Mastering life more safely and confidently​

Don't play today's game with yesterday's rules!

Effective and sustainable coaching solutions for 
children, adolescents and young adults

Elke K. Müller - Child & Youth Coaching in Waiblingen

Mädchen mit Angst
mädchen mit angst

Be emotionally free

Identifying and dissolving negative emotions, blockages and inhibitions in order to free oneself from obstructive burdens and to feel zest for life again.

Recognize your own resources and use them for yourself

Help to see the solution in the problem and to strive for it on your own. Sustainably strengthen self-confidence and promote personal commitment in order to be able to master one's life successfully in a self-determined manner.

ein junge ist fertig mit den nerven
Ein Junge ist fertig mit den Nerven
Ein Mädchen ist hilflos
Ein Mädchen ist hilflos

Build and use mental strength

Mental training to increase calm, balance, concentration and performance and to be able to help yourself quickly.

Targeted and individual development of potential

Reassess things through a change of perspective in order to discover and sustainably anchor individual strengths, opportunities and potential that previously seemed hidden in the thicket.

Ein Junge
Ein Junge
Ich bin alleine

Increase self-esteem

Recognizing inner strength and opportunities, developing them and developing them further in a targeted manner in order to achieve self-confidence, to discover your own path and to strive for it with motivation.

Create intrinsic motivation

Determine the cause of inner conflicts, resolve them via the own energy system and create a positive attitude. Identify sources of motivation in role-playing games and internalize them permanently.

ich hasse alles
Ich hasse alles

My coaching offers for your child, teenagers and young adults
Empathic and needs-based

Individual coaching - individual potential development

  • We solve emotional blockages and fears together

  • We find hindering beliefs and redefine them

  • We discover unconscious, disruptive behavior and turn problems into solutions

  • In role-playing games, we generate and activate drive and motivation in order to be prepared for all future challenges with increased self-consciousness, self-confidence and inner strength

Potential training in groups

  • In homogeneous groups, I support and accompany children and young people with targeted and effective methods on their way to recognising, identifying and further developing their own strengths and opportunities

  • Through targeted training, they learn to discover their own path and to strive for it with motivation

  • Working in homogeneous groups promotes social behavior and enables positive group dynamic developments

Learning coaching in groups

  • ​​We learn to learn faster and easier through effective learning techniques and targeted memory and brain training

  • We learn methods to increase learning motivation by using successful techniques from sports coaching and mental training

RIT® Reflex
integration training
in groups

  • Exercise program for children and young people with learning and behavioral problems at school and in everyday life

  • RIT training supports those who are unable to read, write and do arithmetics fluently, lack concentration, show physical restlessness or poor body coordination and fine and/or gross motor weaknesses

Glücklicher Kreis

Help your child to find their way and to follow it up self-confidently and independently.

Helping people help themselves

"Suddenly it was so easy to see the solution. Now I can help myself in the future!"

- Catherine -

Get rid of burdens

“What powerful methods! I never thought that I would ever be able to get rid of this burden."

- Steffen -

New attitude to life

“All of a sudden, this longstanding fear was gone. What a new and liberated attitude to life!”

- Gabriele -

This is what children and young people say about coaching with me

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