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Elke K. Müller, expert for child and youth coaching

Elke K. Müller Portrait

"We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we do not do" (Moliere)

This gave rise to my motivation to give children and young people all my valuable insights and necessary assistance for their personal and school development and to accompany them in these increasingly challenging times on their way to a happy life and a successful future.

Because - the well-being of children and young people is very important to me, they are the adults of tomorrow and deserve MORE focus.

​What makes me special...​

Love for people and enthusiasm for working with children and young people

  • Highest empathy and appreciation for each individual

  • Intuition and instinct to identify the “personal thorn” and to successfully work on it together

  • Great motivation to discover the hidden treasures of each individual in order to enhance individual strengths

  • Management and coaching experience in children and youth projects in regional, international and sporting environments

​​What are my qualifications...


  • Emotional intelligence

  • Child and Youth Coach Professional IPE cert. (Institute for potential development)

  • Potential trainer IPE cert.

  • Learning Coach IPE cert.

  • Coach for early childhood reflex integration Sieber & Paasch cert.

  • Many years of experience in sales & marketing and personnel responsibility

  • Dipl. Business Economist 

  • Comprehensive intercultural​ experiences

  • Qualified translator English / Spanish and 4 years of experience abroad in Mexico

What are my values...

Each of us deserves respect and appreciation. That is the only way real encounters can arise. As a coach, I respect different ways of thinking and experiences and react to them without prejudice. I never put my views above those of the child or other people, but am always interested in the best solution for my customers. For me, values have a major impact on how we perceive our environment and how we meet other people. Being aware of your own values not only helps us to better understand ourselves, it also helps us to shape our lives consciously.

Values play a particularly important role when dealing with crises. When apparent security in the immediate environment breaks away, it is the inner attitude that provides the necessary support. Understanding and knowing about our own values and strengths lead us in the right direction and support us in staying focused and able to act.

I have based my coaching on this principle in order to accompany children and young people in a self-determined and responsible manner into a successful future.

I am here to guide you and your child through life's most complex and difficult matters.

The well-being of my coachees is very important to me and I guarantee first-class advice as well as individual support and services tailored to your needs.

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